Sabra Music is an artist management and publicity agency based out of Asheville, NC. We support musicians in their business operations to ensure they have more energy and head space to grow as artists and manifest their goals.

services include

 booking | publicity | website maintenance | social media management | tour support

Hiring Danielle is something I wish I had done long ago! As an artist, I have tons of ideas, but I sometimes struggle to process, prioritize, and bring those ideas to fruition. Since hiring Danielle as my “art doula” (manager), I have been able to bring a lot more of my ideas to life. She is able to help me get more organized, plan long-term projects, and stay on top of details and scheduling. Working with Danielle as a manager has freed me up to do more of what I love - making music.
— Hannah Kaminer
In an industry that can often feel fickle and overwhelming for musicians, Danielle is a pillar of positivity, reliability and sound professionalism. Her creative vision, keen attention to detail, deep passion for authentic art and warm, enthusiastic spirit make her a gift to work with. She continues to help me propel my music career to new horizons and I feel so lucky to have her in my corner.
— Jane Kramer
I’ve always wanted to be able to just focus on the music, and not spend hours every day booking, promoting, etc....Thanks to Danielle, that’s pretty much the reality now. And she does it all so WELL!! What a gift she is.
— Jeff Thompson