Sabra Music was founded by DIY-turned music business professional Danielle Dror, who got her start by booking and managing friends’ bands after dropping out of college and running off to Sweden for a nanny gig. Upon her stateside return, a simple “hey, you’re pretty organized; can you help me with some admin work?” ignited a spark within Danielle that quickly turned into a full on flame of passion for the music industry.

A mere two years in, Danielle left her day job to work with artists and events full time, joining the stellar publicity team at Mason Jar Media.

Sabra Music is Danielle’s freelance company, specializing in tour booking, artist development, event production, and album and festival publicity. The name pays a loving nod to her Israeli roots, and reflects the need to be both sweet and tough in this dog-eat-dog industry.

Danielle can be reached at

For a glimpse into what Danielle is up to these days, check out her NOW page here. (Thanks for the inspo, Derek Sivers!)